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Who are you calling High-Maintenance?

Written by Deb Monti


Posted on December 06 2018

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I hear it all of the time- "Aren't extensions so high maintenance?"

Extensions are low-maintenance, I swear! When you wear extensions, your hair always looks good so you spend less time styling. You have places to go, and people to see. You don't have time for extra styling to make your hair look decent- you need it to look amazing with little to no effort.

You'll have more hair, yes. So really the only thing that takes longer is your blow-dry time. But who wouldn't trade 5-10 minutes more for easier styling overall? 


Wearing extensions allows you to:

Have fuller hair which cuts down styling time.

Have layers on fine hair where your ends still look full.

Have your curls hold for days!

Don't even style your hair- Have beautiful air-dried hair at the beach or pool.

Have an awesome ponytail.

You don't have to use a bunch of product to get your hair to look amazing.

You can honestly start saying "I woke up like this" and feel good about it!



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