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Monti Extensions

1-Day Extension Education with Certification



1-Day Extension Education with a certified Monti Extensionist is a condensed version of our original 2-Day course. Learn 3 methods: I-tip, Tape and Waterfall Weft. 10-5pm

It is perfect for stylists who have some knowledge of extensions, but need a more thorough education. This course is great for stylists that have taken an extension class but may need a refresher on perfecting the art. Maybe the extension class you took, didn't go over everything you wanted and you are left with questions. Are you already certified in another method and want to expand your extension services?

Or, if you simply do not have 2 days to spare, and you really want to be Monti certified, then his class is for you! 

Mondays 10-6


THEORY: 10:00 - 2:00                            

  • The Hair                                                     
  • The Methods
  • Consultations
  • Color Matching
  • Marketing

 HANDS-ON:  2:30 - 5:00

  • Removing
  • Re-Tipping
  • Installation 

 Note: The education material provided in this course is copyrighted. If you are an educator looking for course information to use in your class, you may want to reconsider.