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Get thoroughly trained and educated at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Deb will guide you through her signature Theory course and in-depth how-to installation video.

Microlink I-Tip Installation + Theory Video – Monti Academy's favorite extension method but we promise not to play favorites! This hour-long installation video goes into detail about set-up, sectioning, installation, removal and re-tipping. Get up-close and personal as Deb teaches you on a mannequin virtually. You will see two full installs (natural hair and kinky curly hair) from start to finish with loads of pro tips along the way.

What sets our education apart?

Experience and passion. Get Monti certified and properly educated by instructors who are professional extension stylists with years of experience behind the chair doing and loving extensions. 

Monti Extension Academy is passionate about teaching you truth about extensions and the proper way to do installations.

Please do research and choose your education and investment wisely. We are so happy you found us and are interested in learning techniques that will not only triple your income but be able to offer your clients what they will enjoy. We teach and preach equal weight, no tight tension and no over-direction so you can be a successful extensionist and give your clients a comfortable and damage-free service.

Your virtual training with Deb and her team is from the heart. They want you to succeed and are passionate about training. Since you are learning from home you can go at your own pace without the pressure of keeping up with classmates.

Keep in mind: Your training is not just about a brand, it’s about the methods, proper technique and building your success in Microlink I-Tip, Tape Ins and Waterfall Beaded Weft methods. We can't wait to meet you in online!

What You Will Learn

THEORY- a prerequisite video to watch before all installation videos

  • The Hair
  • The Methods
  • Successful Consultations
  • Color Matching
  • Booking
  • Marketing


  • Removing
  • Re-tipping
  • Full installation on 2 Live Models with different textured hair
  • Up-close install on a mannequin with a break-down of every step
  • Extension Placement
  • Microlink I-Tip focusing on equal weight, no tight tension and no over-direction.

What’s Included?

  • Monti Pro Kit with all tools needed for 3 methods
  • Practice hair extensions 
  • Student workbook
  • Marketing and Aftercare materials
  • Personalized certification
  • Monti Certified mirror decal
  • Stylist Finder listing for client referrals in your area

What do I need?

  • After you sign up you will receive an email with a link to view the course. Sign in and follow the prompts.
  • Your Monti Kit will arrive in the in the mail within 4-5 business days. You will need this to start your course, so be patient luv!
  • You will need a mannequin.

 Course Details

  • Videos can be viewed be at your own pace but should not be skipped or fast-forwarded. Soak it all in!
  • 1method, 2 videos- Theory and Microlink I-Tip.  get in-depth education by Deb, the Microlink I-tip leader in the industry. Deb teaches you her most versatile method in 2 videos for over 3 hours of instruction. 
  • Kit will be sent separately.

Note: The education material provided in this course is copyrighted. If you are an educator looking for course information to use in your class, ask about our teacher training program.