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Tight Tension, Over-direction and Unequal Weight-Oh my!

Written by Deb Monti


Posted on November 30 2019

Tight Tension, Over-direction and Unequal Weight are giving extensions a bad hair day. 

One of the first questions a client asks me during her consultation is "are extensions damaging?" and I say "yes". Shocking answer, but true. I then go on to explain... if not installed correctly, they can damage your hair. Why lie? We've all seen or heard a horror story of damage from extensions. But, extensions aren't the only thing that can damage your hair. Sometimes bleach and high heat, when not used correctly can also damage hair. But, stylists are more properly trained on how to apply bleach, then on applying extensions. It's all about EDUCATION.

I think it's important to really explain to our clients (and know ourselves) the real cause of damage from extensions. It's these 3 things:

Tight Tension- the extension is applied too tight to the scalp. Extensions shouldn't hurt!

Over-direction- the hair holding the extension is over-directed, so some of the hair in the section is not actually supporting any weight at all.

Unequal Weight- the amount of hair getting installed is heavier than the amount of hair holding it.

Stylists, it's not your fault! We only know, what we were taught, and if you learned that putting extensions in too tight or with over-direction is right, then we just need to re-adjust our methods a little bit. Let's all do our best to give the extension industry a great reputation and get properly educated on healthy installs:)

I know we can do it!





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