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Ethically Sourced

Written by Deb Monti


Posted on December 06 2018

Micro-Rings, Nano-Rings, Micro-Tubes, Cold Fusion, Beaded Extensions, Micro-Bead and I-Tips.

We source our hair exclusively and directly from India. 

Did you know that some hair extension companies market their hair as Remy,  but in reality it is not? Remy simply means that hair has the cuticle intact and strands are in the same direction. Many dishonest vendors in will gather hair from the floors of salons and temples. Since the hair strands are all mixed up, its impossible to bundle them with the cuticle facing the same direction so they are placed in an acid bath to remove the cuticle. The hair is then coated with silicone and marketed as Remy hair.

The cuticle helps keep hair healthy and shiny, so once the silicone is shampooed out after time, you end up with lifeless and tangled hair . 

Milvali  hair is guaranteed to come from a single donor. Our donors make a religious voyage directly to their Temple to willingly offer their hair as an act of religious devotion or humility.  At temples all over India,  hair is gathered and becomes the most beautiful hair in extensions to give confidence to women all over the world. The proceeds paid to the temples are reinvested into the community… Helping to fund schools, offer nutritional services and even to open medical clinics. This is how Milvali hair is sourced ethically.  A gift of devotion… and of thanks.


(Keep in mind:  When hair is sourced from India, you know  hair was willingly donated. There is no religious sacrifice of hair in Russia, Malaysia, Italy or Brazil.) 



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