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Monti Microlink beads are small, straight copper tubes used to apply I-Tip Hair Extensions (a.k.a.  I-tips, Beaded, Nano-ring, Micro-ring, Micro-tubes, Cylinders)

250 links= $32.00

3 sizes Large, Intermediate and Small

 6 colors to choose from- Black, Dark Brown, Cool Brown, Warm Brown, Dark Blonde, Light Blonde, (Platinum and Red- for practice).

Monti Extensions come in 2 sizes: Large- about 25 extensions per bundle and Small- about 50 extensions per bundle. Use Large and Intermediate links for Large-tip extensions and use Intermediate and Small links for Small-tip extensions.

Why? Equal weight distribution. Not all gals have thick hair, so we make sure you have a link that will be a perfect fit for your fine-haired clients. 

We are all about non-damaging methods and proper weight installation. Some beauties can't handle a large extension or have baby highlights- we want you to have custom options for your clients personalized needs.