We, at Monti Extension Academy, believe that you can't confidently learn this art-form from an on-line video, a 4-hr. class, on a mannequin or in a packed room full of students. Statistics show that 65% of stylists do NOT get the proper training and education to master this art and feel a little unprepared to take the next step in this ever-growing field. Don’t let that be you!
You also can't be properly educated by someone who isn't an actual extensionist with behind-the-chair, real-life years of experience.  At Monti, you'll be trained by real extensionists, you'll interact with real stylists and get hand's-on education with live models. We keep it real. <br>

Do your research and choose your education, instructor 

and investment wisely.



Why We Are Different



Monti Extension Academy is focused on teaching you the correct way to apply extensions so you can increase your clientele and income. ​The personalized teaching you’ll get with Deb Monti is unlike any other Hair Extension Training and Certification available. Deb, co-owner of Milvali Salon- with locations in both San Francisco and Mill Valley - is an award-winning extensionist whose salon has been top rated by Allure, Racked SF, Short Cuts and San Francisco Magazine, and ranks "Best Hair Extensions" year after year in the San Francisco Chronicle's A-List. While running a successful business, training stylists and working behind the chair as a reputable extensionist for the past decade, Deb will share all of her coveted secrets about extensions and why it's important to be more educated than your competition! Not only will you be trained on proper extension installation by a pro, you will have hands-on with a live extension model seeing first hand what a grow-out looks like, how to remove grown out extensions, how to reuse them. 


You'll experience real-life scenarios that other classes don't teach.


Personalized Training


Your training with Deb is from the heart; that is why are only 5 other stylists along with you.​ In a smaller, more intimate class setting you can be sure you'll get the personalized training you need. Deb and her team are so passionate about teaching damage-free extensions and they will share with you all of the coveted tips and tricks that can only be taught by someone that has actual real-life experiences behind the chair doing extensions daily. ​ After your training, you'll also get on-going support from Deb and her team to answer any extension related questions when you service your new extension clients. 



Already got certified but need a refresher? Don't worry, we offer classes to help you in getting back on a successful extension track. 

Why Microlink? For the past decade, Deb and her team have been successfully giving loyal clients the hair they have always wanted with Microlink Extensions. They have proven the test of time. This method is a problem solver, they're versatile, low-maintenance and best of all longer-wearing and damage-free.  We call them "everyday extensions". Since they are individual and not in a weft, or track, they grow-out beautifully and are comfortable. You can place them just where you need them and are the best option for fine hair because they have equal weight distribution so they are not heavy.

  We know this, let us prove it to you.  




Keep in mind: 

Deb, and her team have gone through great measures to extensively research and curate Monti's own brand of superior hair extensions is formally known as Milvali Extensions. They are ethically sourced, reusable and have gone through strict quality control measures. 

Our training has to do with education, we are not pushing a brand. Deb and her team are stylists, they are not brand representatives trying to sell you product. Your training is about the methods, the techniques and how to have long-term success. 

Classes are held the last Sunday and Monday of every month.

2019 Class schedule 

January 27-28th- SOLD OUT                    July 28th-29th

February 24-25th-SOLD OUT                    August 25-26th

   March 24-25th- SOLD OUT                          September 29-30th

April 28-29th   SOLD OUT                           October 27-28th

June  23-24th- Paul Mitchell                          November 24-25th