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Learn how Monti Methods are the safest extension techniques in the industry. Tight tension, over-direction and unequal weight are giving the extension industry a bad hair day. With so many classes out there, it's hard to know what to believe, and what to invest in. Do your research when choosing education. Monti educators are successful stylists with behind-the-chair, real-life extension experience and can't wait to train you!


2-Day Extension Course In-Person                                                                     3 methods with Certification $1,400.00

Our most popular class.

Become a Certified Pro Extensionist in 3 methods in just 2 days. Monti's Extension Academy is focused on teaching you the correct way to apply extensions so you can increase your clientele and income. Since class sizes are limited to only 6 stylists, you will get personalized hands-on training with 2 educators and a live model.

Learn 3 damage-free Monti methods: Microlink I-Tip, Tape Ins and Waterfall Beaded Wefts. Click here for more info.

Includes starter kit: Workbook, practice hair and all tools needed for installs.


1-Day Extension Education In-Person                                                                3 methods with Certification $900.00

This 1-Day class is a condensed version of our 2-Day course. Learn 3 methods: I-tip, Tape and Waterfall Weft. 

This is perfect for stylists who have some knowledge of extensions, but need a more thorough education.  Great for stylists that have taken an extension class but may need a refresher on perfecting the art, or maybe the extension class you took, didn't go over everything and you are left with questions.  Or, if you simply do not have 2 days to spare, and you really want to be Monti certified, then his class is for you! Click here for more info.

Includes starter kit: Workbook, practice hair and all tools needed for installs.


On-Line Extension Courses

Get thoroughly trained and educated from the comfort of your home and at your own pace with Deb and her team guiding yo​u.

 An intensive series of How-To videos that thoroughly go over Theory and Installation on 3 damage-free Monti methods.

All Install videos include our 2 hour Theory video to watch first. We want you to know the "Why" before we teach you the "How" for an even better extension experience. The Theory video correlates with your workbook so you can follow along and take notes.


On-Line Microlink I-Tip Video -1 hr. $350

This hour long video goes into detail about set-up, sectioning, installation, removal and re-tipping. Get up-close and personal with Deb as she works with you and your mannequin virtually. See why I-tips are the #1 choice for most Monti clients because of their longevity and versatility.                                     You will see 2 full installs (natural hair and kinky curly hair) from start to finish with Pro Tips along the way.

Includes starter kit: Workbook, practice hair and all tools needed for I-Tip installs.


On-Line Tape-In Video -1 hr. $300

One of the fastest methods, but it's also one of those methods that if not done correctly can cause pain and damage. In this 45-minute video, you will see Deb thoroughly go over a full Tape-In installation on a live model with pointers on commomistakes and how to avoid them. We also go over how to install single Tape extensions for clients with fine hair, removal and re-tabbing.

Includes starter kit: Workbook, practice hair and all tools needed for Tape-In installs.


On-Line Waterfall Weft Video -1 hr. $300

Monti education will always teach no tight tension, no over-direction and equal weight, on all methods. For Weft install we show you a different approach for a safer and more comfortable weft installation. This 1 hour video will first go over the proper foundation and fundamentals on a mannequin and then see a live install on a model. Set yourself apart from the competition by learning this safer waterfall beaded weft method.

Includes starter kit: Workbook, practice hair and all tools needed for weft installs.


On-Line Theory Video -2 hrs. Included with all on-line videos

 There is more to an extension service than just the install! In this 2 hour video, we will go over how to give a successful Consultation, the different Methods available and how to help your client choose the right one. You also need to know about the product you'll use- the Hair. (Your service is only as good as the product you use). We will go over Color Matching, After-Care, How to Order and briefly touch base on Marketing yourself.